Sara paxton and dustin milligan dating

23-Mar-2020 13:27

Dennis reveals the reason why he is bitter at Sara: three years ago, while they were dating Sara had to go off to college and she and Dennis had a farewell swim at their favorite diving spot.

Red throws her dog into the water and soon after Dennis calls up Carl, the man from the bait shop, telling him to release another great white shark, Dennis and Red lower her into the lake in a shark cage.Being a pre-med student, he stabilizes Malik, and they all take him to the hospital.Blood from Malik's wound attracts a shark that attacks the boat.There, Sara encounters her old boyfriend, Dennis, and his friend Red.

Nick, Blake, Malik and Maya go wake-boarding when a shark attacks Malik.Shark Night (advertised as Shark Night 3D) is a 2011 American horror film directed by David R.