Sasuke and sakura dating

16-Oct-2020 15:08

Naruto is Sasuke's best friends since their early childhood.

They are good friends despite their very opposite personalities and even through they often tease and insult each other, they care about each other, as shown in the fight against Neji, Gaara and Lee.

At the beginning of the series, Karin is shown completely under Sasuke's spell.

Using evil, dirty tactics, Karin attempts to win Sasuke's heart, even going as far as cutting Sakura's hair, since she knew Sasuke didn't like girls with short hair.

After their break up, he becomes cold and quiet, only talking when strictly necessary and usually with a cold tone.

Sakura is Sasuke's main love interest throughout the series, together they form the main couple of the story.

Although they went to the same class, not much interaction was shown between them until Ino's "date" in chapter 2, where Sasuke calls Sakura annoying after she commented how annoying it was to come with their parents to the mall when they were little.

This makes her upset, and she goes to cry to the bathroom.

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Unlike Sakura, he can't control his temper and gets into a fight with Sasuke, which leaves them both bleeding but it doesn't give positive results.

Even Ino and Hinata noticed his attractiveness in chapter 4.

He has black hair and black eyes, and he usually wears Konoha's uniform, through his outfit constantly changes during the Summer Vacations arc.

After she sees her plans screwed, she is seen hanging out with Suigetsu and seems to forget about Sasuke.

However, later on, Karin spreads rumours about Sasuke and Sakura, intending to split them up.

Usually a cool and down-to-earth person, Sasuke rarely expresses any emotion, harshly contrasting with Naruto's hyperactive and talkative personality.