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03-Apr-2020 03:09

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I felt like I’d totally lost sight of myself throughout the entire situation. Goodness knows how many desperate wankers you’d have to get off in order to make any kind of living, and I have the utmost respect for any woman, or man for that matter, who can make a living from it. I can’t make a living when I’m silently dying inside…

In the ’90s, AOL was the king of online chat rooms.

I forgot I was supposed to speak and actually jumped when the caller beat me to it. I decided not to mention Justin Bieber to enforce the fantasy, he probably wouldn’t know who I was talking about anyway. “Well done” was the only thing I could think to say. It was at this point I realised how useful taps actually are, as he came loudly to the sound of some sensual dribbling from our old faucet friend ‘cold’. Yet strangely, it seemed all he wanted to do was chat about the sandwich he was making.

We got the pleasantries out of the way, he seemed very sweet, and I reminded myself he was probably somebody’s grandfather so he couldn’t be all bad. Then, almost as soon as his spunk was fired into orbit, he hung up without a goodbye, or thanks. It’s not like I wanted a cuddle or anything, but it still stung slightly. The handbook had said you’re in no way allowed to lead the conversation into a sexual direction unless the caller does, so I was happy to listen and make yummy noises in the right places. As soon as he’d gone, I logged off, knowing I’d never ever be logging on again.

Here are 16 things you'd probably never suspect about phone sex.I've been asked for bestiality, incest, pedophilia, Satanism and snuff (trust me, you don't want to know).That's why most phone sex operators reserve the right to say no and end a call. Guys Do It Too While the majority of phone sex ops are women, men can and do get in on the action. Male phone sex operators are also there just for men. Personally, I've never spoken to a woman caller who wasn't on the extension with her male friend. It Can Be Boring I expected many things when I started doing phone sex, but being bored out of my mind? In the beginning, once you've taken out some ads and are waiting for the phone to ring ... The first few weeks, you might only get one or two calls a day.I know that’s a terrible thing, but I’ve honestly been horrified by the whole experience.

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It was, and still is, something I can’t believe I ever got involved with. On that awful afternoon, I made less than five quid.

The handbook explained that, as soon as I answered the phone, a whisper prompt would let me know the callers preference, based on the areas I’d recorded greetings for. Half an hour later, in a desperate attempt to just get it over and done with, I logged on.