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of the English language following its use and incorporation into non-English linguistic contexts.As such, on top of the measures taken to minimize space, time and cost constraints in SMS language, further constraints upon the varied nature and characteristics of languages worldwide add to the distinct properties and style of SMS language(s).I was twenty-two years old and it was the birthday of one of my best friends.She was a bit of a party girl, so she wanted to celebrate by going out to a club with her girls.Nevertheless, the invention of mobile phone messaging is considered to be the source for the invention of SMS language.

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In addition, similarly elliptical styles of writing can be traced to the days of telegraphese 120 years back, where telegraph operators were reported to use abbreviations similar to those used in modern text when chatting amongst themselves in between sending of official messages.

This motivates the anglicization of such languages, especially those using non-Latin orthographies (i.e.