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I’m a big fan of NASCAR racing, and world cup soccer.

My older son played soccer from the time he was five years old all the way through varsity soccer in high school.

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I hope you’re going to love these characters as much as you’ve loved and embraced my Riley family. I have mad love for football, both pro as well as college. Louis so Cardinals baseball has always been a big part of my life (Cardinals football was, too, before they moved to Arizona).

I like knowing people are so friendly they’ll stop and help you when you need it no matter what’s going on with their own lives.Welcome to fervent dreams, fiery passions and love everlasting. The Kent Brothers series is a contemporary romance series set in a small southern Missouri town.It’s about three brothers—the oldest Wyatt, middle brother Brody, and youngest Ethan, who run their family’s construction company, passed down to them by their now retired father.The Play-by-Play series has since expanded beyond the Rileys to include new characters.

Hot, sexy talented men who bonded together at college and remained friends beyond, as well as a new family dynasty—the Cassidys—four brothers bonded by sports and their love of family. I've tried to write a book with just two characters in it, but I often fail, dragging in brothers or sisters or best friends who bonk me on the head demanding their own stories, thus resulting in a series of three or four or five books, sometimes more.