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"The Dole" is defined as the full rate of income support by law.

Here is another link which is easier to understand: Eligibility criteria To be required to do WFD, job seekers must:be receiving the full rate income support, and... However...remember that the Centrelink system works on a fortnightly basis.

I was told by National Customer Serice Line that if I spent time doing these activities this would reduce the time I spent WFTDi.e.

I would not need to make up this time on another date. What are the rules surrounding set days/hours in a week that I must attend my WFTD, especially considering I am only getting .40 pw in travel subsidy (Tram costs .76 per day)From Department of employment – National Customer Service Line – 1800805260The hours/days is a discussion between jobseeker/Jobactive provider/host.

The logic behind this is in the title "Work for the Dole".

If you are doing casual work and your payments are being reduced you are no longer getting "the Dole".

Currently I really really want to know how much the Jobactive provider gets paid for placing me in a work for the dole position.

To start the ball rolling, these are the facts I have found to date;1.

From Department of employment – National Customer Service Line – 1800805260Interviews and paid work should be counted as part of your working credit so the time spent doing either of these activities becomes part of work for the dole hours.There's a legal difference between "income" and "work".The reason Centrelink also asks how many hours you have worked is to satisfy another clause in the Act which says you must be getting the minimum wage at least for it to be counted as work.I have included the references that the expert from the Department of Employment talked me through below. I have been doing intermittent casual work for the past year so I have not been receiving the full unemployment benefit (earned grand total of 00 from Centrelink last financial year).

He suggested that I pass this information on to you. Given this, do I have to do a full 6 months of work for the dole.

That being said you DO have to find something to meet your AAR, you jsut get a choice of what you want to do!