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Another possibility is that the Saturn–Moon energy has the effect of drawing these individuals inward in ways that prove useful for their creative work or reflection.

And over the long run, the sheer frustrations brought on by this pattern early in life can become so pent-up that these people really have to find an outlet of some sort later on, simply to keep a grip on their sanity.

One way or another, for better or worse, Saturn's full effects unfold very s-l-o-w-l-y.

This doesn't mean that Saturn can't lead to remarkable achievements early on, because it sometimes can – like the person with Saturn conjunct Mercury who shows signs of intellectual genius from a young age.

That's especially true of Saturn, I've come to realize.

Simply put, whatever it touches in the horoscope tends to reach true potential only after years of struggle and maturation.

He often hinted at the frustrations of being in the shadow of both John and Paul, but he eventually achieved acclaim not only for songs like "Something" (called by Frank Sinatra one of the greatest songs ever written), but also for solo albums like .

Others who have Saturn–Moon connections: Bob Dylan (conjunction); Jack Nicholson and the Dalai Lama XIV (opposition). I know of no better story to illustrate this combination than the life of legendary Greek orator Demosthenes.

When Saturn is closely involved with the Sun, it makes for a more strenuous effort in forging our public or professional identity, or in gaining respect for that creative light.

We may feel blocked in that effort, as though we're standing in the shadow of others, whether that be a prominent or powerful parent, more successful peers or co-workers, or even an intimidating boss.

We're all familiar with Aesop's fable of the tortoise and the hare, in which a plodding tortoise manages to win a race against a speedier competitor, as a result of its slow and steady persistence.

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This story is usually rolled out as a morality lesson about the importance of tenacity: Stick to your guns, we're told, and you can win out over those who charge out of the starting gate full of passion and speed but lack staying power.By way of contrast, whatever Jupiter touches tends to indicate where things come relatively easily and flow more naturally. Whatever it touches is where you usually have to work hard for whatever you get, and you can face major hurdles just to reach "the finish line." There's a silver lining, though, and it's this: The sheer amount of hard work you apply to that area can bring about a level of mastery you probably wouldn't have gained otherwise – and that, in turn, can affect everything else in your life. In this article, we'll explore how the late-bloomer influence of Saturn can affect the other planets in one's horoscope.