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05-Jul-2020 09:44

Another matchmaking site, in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, went to even greater lengths before being shut down by authorities last year.

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Others are organised to get together hundreds of single people from the same province.The service doesn’t come cheap – prices start at 18,000 yuan (US,850) and can go up to 100,000 yuan.Jiayuan, a rival matchmaking site, refines the profiles of paid members, but to the extent that they sound too good to be true.However, scrutinising an endless scroll of dating profiles to find the perfect match can be tedious, so companies sensing a business opportunity now also offer tailored services.

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The largest Chinese dating site, Zhenai.com, with more than 140 million registered users, provides VIP services: professional matchmakers pair up users with potential spouses according to the criteria they set, and counsel them throughout the process; users are guaranteed to walk down the aisle within a given period of time.Likewise, 36-year-old engineer Yu, who does not want to reveal his full name, says family pressure to get married is so intense that returning home for the upcoming holidays is a difficult proposition.