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An earthquake alert is then sent to Geoscience Australia’s partner in the JATWC, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, to determine tsunami advice and publish tsunami bulletins. They are most common at tectonic plate boundaries where different plates meet.The parameters of all other earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 3.5 are generally computed within 20 minutes. Frame houses not secured to the foundation may move. Landslips in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. The largest events usually happen where two plates are colliding, or colliding and sliding past one another.

What does this information add to our understanding of Australian seismicity? A magnitude 6.5 earthquake at Meckering in 1968 caused extensive damage to buildings and was felt over most of southern Western Australia.

Most of the 40 samples per second data are delivered within 30 seconds of being recorded at the seismometer to Geoscience Australia’s central processing facility in Canberra through various digital satellite and broadband communication systems. Most masonry structures destroyed, together with their foundations. Cement and asphalt roads and pavements badly cracked or thrown into waves. Sand and mud on beaches and flat land moved horizontally. Water from rivers, lakes, and canals thrown up on the banks. Practically all works of construction destroyed or greatly damaged. The intensity with which the earthquake is felt may also be higher on hilltops.

Seismic data are also provided by overseas Governments which have national seismic networks. Sand and mud ejected in alluviated areas, with the formation of earthquake fountains and sand craters. Some well-built wooden buildings and bridges seriously damaged. Structures designed to resist lateral forces of about 0.1g, such as those satisfying the New Zealand Model Building By-law, 1955.

The focus of an earthquake is the point where it originated within the Earth.

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The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus is called the earthquake epicentre.The size or magnitude of earthquakes is determined by measuring the amplitude of the seismic waves recorded on a seismograph and the distance of the seismograph from the earthquake.