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This is a list of citations and summaries of veterinary research journal articles which are applicable to Chiari-like malformation (CM) and syringomyelia (SM) and cavalier King Charles spaniels. A study of a larger population is needed to attain more reliable information. Most reports describe patients with cervical myelopathy due to syringohydromyelia.

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All dogs with multifocal CNS signs had evidence of both cerebellovestibular and cervical spinal cord disease.

Syringohydromyelia was evident on MRI in 15/16 dogs (93.75%). Another dog experienced neck pain after the initial FMD (resolved in four wks), and was nonambulatory tetraparetic following repeat FMD. Quote: "Ultrasonographic evaluation of the spine, especially of the spinal cord, has been rarely reported in dogs. All dogs had cerebellar herniation, suggesting Chiari-like malformation and also a tendency to occipital dysplasia.

Resolution of clinical signs occurred in seven dogs (43.75%), and improvement occurred in six dogs (37.5%), for an overall positive result of 81.25%. Quote: Background: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) do not always provide sufficient pain relief in dogs with osteoarthritis (OA). The atlanto-occipital junction provides a small acoustic window through which examination of the craniocervical transition can be performed. Computed tomography measurements of the caudal fossa are reported.

The purpose of this study was to describe clinical results of a FMD procedure in 16 dogs with COMS.

Cases were restricted to dogs with MRI evidence of COMS and no other neurologic disorders. In the other dog, a presumptive syringo/hydromyelia of the cervical spinal cord was found on magnetic resonance imaging. Three dogs with hydromyelia {two Maltese poodles and one King Charles spaniel] due to differing etiologies are described." Javaheri S., Corbett W. However, the effect is independent of the K , H -ATPase activity, since Sch 28080 which is more potent than omeprazole did not significantly affect CSF production." . Advanced imaging studies revealed hydrocephalus, caudal herniation of part of the caudal lobe of the cerebellum through the foramen magnum and marked syrinx formation to the level of the caudal thoracic spine, resembling Arnold-Chiari malformation with secondary hydromyelia in humans. Quote: "In human beings a Chiari type 1 malformation is a developmental condition characterised by cerebellar herniation and syringohydromyelia. Seen the progressive nature of the disorder, follow-up over a longer period of time is necessary to see if this surgical technique may influence the progression of syrinx formation and clinical signs in Cavalier King Charles spaniels with Chiari type I malformation." . Quote: "Objective— To evaluate retrospectively the efficacy of the suboccipital craniectomy and dorsal laminectomy of C1 with durotomy and placement of a dural graft for treatment of syringohydromyelia (SHM) because of cerebellar tonsil herniation in Cavalier King Charles spaniels (CKCS).

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