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12-Dec-2019 19:15

The idea that many published scientists are heavily influenced by politics, that scientific journals often compromise their standards for publications, and that many universities look the other way to secure federal funding, often comes as a shock to most people.” CONTINUE READING Change Your Energy is a spiritual healing blog.

It reads like a self improvement blog, packed full of excellent advice on articles on all manner of self development topics.

My favourite excerpt: From “6 tips for driving your car as a spiritual practice” “MAKE YOUR CAR A NO PHONE ZONE LIKE OPRAH SAYS.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am useless at using a phone and driving, in fact I’m a downright danger so don’t do it at all.

I prefer my spiritual blogs to be deep, like my meditations.

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They’ve covered everything from spiritual healing to reviewing the best psychics, to offering online counselling. The Mindful World is a group of individuals who are passionate about spreading mindfulness around the world.And along the way they have shared some amazing stories about their lives. Their articles are very in-depth and some of the most professionally written pieces on any spiritual website.