Spot a player dating

09-May-2020 17:03

He's just going to keep stringing you along for the ride. When you hear bad things about a guy you’re dating, believe them.If people who know him well are telling you he's bad news, it’s probably because he is.He doesn’t need to call you all the time, but if he refuses to call? He likely has another girl in the room and doesn’t want you to hear her talking.When he tells you he can’t hang out, and yet his Snapchat story clearly shows him hanging out at the bar, you know he’s lying.He’s just giving you an excuse because he'd rather party than hang out with you. If he’s following a bunch of hot girls on Instagram and Twitter, he’s definitely suspect.

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If he doesn’t feel the need to meet your support system, he clearly doesn’t see you being in his life for very long.

If he can’t even be bothered to pick up the phone, think about what this says about him.

A real man will take the time to call you because he wants to hear the sound of your voice and have a real, meaningful discussion about your day.

Because if you think you’re getting played, you probably are. You are too incredible to waste your time on a guy like this.

Even if he says he’s left his old ways in the past, you'd better be really skeptical because once a player, always a player. If your boyfriend is playing you, there are some serious red flags to look out for.He’s not about to spend his paycheck on you because he thinks you’ll come around regardless of whether he puts in the effort or not.