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The first installment in the interview kit answers the oft-asked question about advice she would give to young musicians.

In response, Clark deadpans, “I would tell young musicians today to get into the film industry.” Next up, Clark takes on the dreaded question about what it’s like to play a show in heels.

Carrie was born on September 27, 1974, in Seattle, Washington, United States.

He grew up in Redmond, Washington along with her sister Stacey Brownstein.

So, if an artist claims if they are apolitical, then I feel they’ve already lost the battle.

An audience is more damaged, I think, and betrayed by voids rather than substance.” Finally, she’s asked whether Annie Clark and St. “Honestly, you’d have to ask her,” the multi-hyphenate quips. (Read: The 25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2017) In the run-up to Clark’s currently untitled album, she’s released her first single since 2015, “New York”, and its visually striking music video.

Later, she partnered with Corin Tucker and formed the band Sleater-Kinney.Vincent says in one of the somewhat mocking shorts released on her Instagram over the weekend."It also does something crippling, which I also like."All of the singer's answers are delivered in her signature deadpan manner.Vincent has undoubtedly been asked the same tired questions, and she’s sick of it.

As such, the artist aka Annie Clark has released a series of videos to serve as a handy guide for would-be interviewers without any original material.When asked what she's reading she says, "Mostly old s, but for the pictures, and a lot of Rebecca Solnit." What's the one album Annie Clark would take on a desert island?