Strict parents on dating

19-Oct-2019 01:18

They believe very strongly in the importance of family and lasting relationships and so that’s what they will be looking for when they enter a relationship with you.Thus you need to expect a serious and lasting relationship and in general to be ready to commit.

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However although Islam highly stresses the importance of conformity and is generally one of the most devout religions in the world, the extent to which your partner wishes to follow the religion will still come down to the individual – particularly if they were raised in the West.

Recognise that the views of Muslim extremists do not reflect the views of other Muslims, and most Muslims are extremely peace loving men.

As a healthy young person, I applaud Labor's Medicare Gold initiative ("Old gold - it's a Medicare miracle", Herald, September 30), not because it will benefit me but because it is a good thing to support a potential government which will remind us that caring about each other is important - an idea that is wrapped up in creating a society where self-interest is not the motivator, but a concern for the wellbeing of others. Mr Latham, your Medicare Gold policy is ridiculous idealism. This election has become a contest between the hip pocket and the hip replacement. The more likely alternative is that the government health-care system would locate a bed for the patient. Regarding John Howard's attack on Medicare Gold, doesn't he understand why it's important to give our most vulnerable citizens a break on health-care costs? The outrage vented on the letters page at the archbishops of Sydney and Melbourne seems misplaced (Herald, September 30).… continue reading »

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