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One of the problems for animation studios is funding.

The South Korean government targets this problem by investing a total of 380 billion won on the country's domestic animation and character industries.

Life is hard at times; life is easy at other times.

It zigs zags and spinds round and round, it goes up and down.

It was a progressive move as they established it in 1963 when they didn't need it yet, but it served to protect the local industry when in 1993 Hollywood's blockbusters started eating away at the domestic industry's market share.

The domestic film industry is also protected by the Korean Film Council, a self-administered body established by the government in 1999.

Instead of waiting till college to learn movie-making skills, in South Korea some schools have invested in equipment to allow teachers teach movie making.

This equipment includes actual blue screen technology and rooms with set pieces that can be used for role playing and staging of plays.

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The festival reps confirmed and said they will run the event so that there would be no gap until [my] performance.""In their second written post, it said that Brand New Music had told [the festival reps] on the day of the festival that we would be able to arrive by PM.

If you read until the end, thank you."San E continued, "I want to start off by apologizing to the audience who were waiting out in the cold.