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22-Jun-2020 20:54

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My best quality would be my sense of humor and how I love to make people laugh - but fear not, for I also have a sensitive and Romantic side :) I am an extravert who enjoys being social as long as I have a bit of time to myself to "recharge". On the inside, an incurable romantic waiting for the right girl to bring it out.

I enjoy long walks along nature trails or exploring markets and other fun attractions in the city. I can be a little black and white at times but given the right arguement on a subject, my mind can be changed. Especially anything that touches me or has to do with zombies!! Some people on this site, on learning that I'm a person with disabilities , , have felt I've been dishonest, not revealing my disabilities on my profile, so here goes.

At other times I've been celibate for a year or more, or tried being with a man. I want to experience real love and it's time to stop denying what truly moves me and attracts me.

I'm ready to start dating women again, and looking for "the one".

🌻🌹 I've struggled with my sexuality for a long time, going back and forth about it.

At times I've been totally out and in a committed, monogamous lesbian relationship.

I am also analytical and enjoy patterns and process.

Toronto granny dating-38

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Friends describe me as a positive person with a good sense of humour. Gentleness, kindness, compassion, honesty and humour - all are big with me!!! That out of the way, I live independently with the help of home and personal care attendants.

I am looking to make new friends and explore a relationship with a woman.