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El continente africano ha luchado pasando por el colonialismo hasta llegar a la independencia.Las naciones africanas están procurando enfrentar los retos políticos y económicos de esa experiencia.The Old Testament was translated from Hebrew to Greek in Egypt between the third and first centuries B. The Coptic, Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox churches are among the oldest churches in the world, dating back to the fourth century A. Today there is a continuing spiritual hunger as, echoing the Ethiopian eunuch of Acts 8, many ask, “How can I understand unless someone explains it to me?” Today, many Africans are still waiting and are working toward the day when they will all have God’s Word in the languages they understand best.

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Las sectas pseudo cristianas también abundan; los creyentes necesitan una buena enseñanza para permanecer firmes en la verdad y poder identificar el error.Seven hundred are in the heart of Africa – in Nigeria and the French-speaking areas of central Africa.