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One source, a well-known New York City executive, described two friends who experienced Mr. In April 2013, Solicitor General Barbara Underwood notified the New York Court of Appeals that Mr. The only relief available is a “lifetime ban” on Mr.

Schneiderman “putting pressure on people to use the leverage of his office while simultaneously raising funds from them.” Those people refused to be identified or speak on the matter because, it was explained, “They’re worried it will come back to them.” Even the anecdote at the Regency that began this story, which occurred in public and was confirmed with three people who witnessed it, could not be told for attribution. Schneiderman’s spokesman would only say that Messrs. The attorney general has shown a surprising stubbornness in pursuing high-profile targets even as the cases have disintegrated. Schneiderman is part of the third administration on this case. Schneiderman was withdrawing claims for money damages. Greenberg being an officer or director of a public company or working in the securities industry. Greenberg has never worked in the securities industry, has not held a position with a public company since 2005 and, again, is eighty- years old.

Schneiderman and Stringer have been friends for years; Steven Cohen did not return calls seeking comment. Against all logic, and the pleas of two former governors of New York, he has continued throwing resources and prestige in quixotic pursuit of AIG former CEO Maurice (Hank) Greenberg. He has never been criminally charged in state or federal court, he long ago settled with the SEC, and his settlement with securities fraud plaintiffs has been approved.

What could possibly be the point of this continued harassment? Cuomo and George Pataki, coauthored an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on May 12, 2013, titled “Drop the Suit Against Hank Greenberg.”The former governors appealed to Mr. “Given all the critical issues at hand, and the Attorney General’s Office’s limited resources, the futile pursuit of a dead-end case that should never have been brought isn’t a worthwhile endeavor.

Steven Cohen, who has been Governor Andrew Cuomo’s most trusted aide and adviser and is now general counsel and E. Given that family relationship, The Observer took great care to ensure fair, unbiased journalism throughout the reporting and editing of this story. A pattern of political opportunism in which enemies pay while friends skate, a questionable nine-figure slush fund and an inability to play nicely in his own party’s sandbox have begun to make influential New Yorkers wonder if the attorney general has hit his political ceiling. Schneiderman has shown vindictiveness toward political foes and been uncharacteristically lenient or ignorant of activities of political friends. He has supporters among the state’s power brokers, and he has proven an active campaigner and fund-raiser with a campaign war chest of million.

He has also developed an able press operation, which touts his achievements aggressively.

The two were discussing the role of an auditor, with Mr. Stringer how to be an effective check on the city’s new mayor, Bill de Blasio. de Blasio had just defeated, walked over to the table to say “hello.” The two Democrats greeted the Republican warmly; promises to catch up over a future breakfast flowed. Reporting Notes As disclosed in the story, Jared Kushner is the publisher of The New York Observer.

Steven Cohen walked up to the three as they chatted. at Ron Perelman’s Mac Andrews & Forbes, also helped Mr. His wife is Ivanka Trump, and his father-in-law is Donald Trump. Three years is a reasonable time to grade his performance.

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16 after a yearlong 0 million facelift, the political wattage electrified the room. This January, he began his fourth year as New York Attorney General, one of the most powerful and visible jobs in any state government.Schneiderman, and it’s on garish display in his most publicized action to date: the prosecution of Mr.

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