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16-Nov-2020 02:58

After migrating to LDAP or updating an LDAP-backed system udevd can hang at boot at the message "Starting UDev Daemon".

This is usually caused by udevd trying to look up a name from LDAP but failing, because the network is not up yet.

The following rule will mark the specified SATA-Port as an external e SATA-Port.

If the machine has multiple block devices, this may manifest itself in the form of device nodes changing designations randomly.

looking at parent device '/devices/pci00/00.1/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0': KERNELS=="3-2:1.0" SUBSYSTEMS=="usb" ...

looking at parent device '/devices/pci00/00.1/usb3/3-2': KERNELS=="3-2" SUBSYSTEMS=="usb" ... ATTRS=="Omni Vision Technologies, Inc." ATTRS=="unknown" ATTRS=="4519" ATTRS=="00" ATTRS=="USB Camera" ... However, if you intend to write a rule to do something when a device is being removed, be aware that device attributes may not be accessible.

The solution is to ensure that all system group names are present locally.

Extract the group names referenced in udev rules and the group names actually present on the system: .Create the file: Play a notification sound and send a desktop notification when screen brightness is changed according to power state on a laptop (a second ''udev'' rule actually changes the screen brightness) # Rule for when switching to battery ACTION=="change", SUBSYSTEM=="power_supply", ATTR=="Mains", ATTR=="0", ENV=":0", ENV="/home/USERNAME/.

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