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One of the first advantages you will notice in Fix VTS will be its portability.

You don’t need to install this application, but just keep it on your computer or on an external memory device and run it whenever you need it.

Fix VTS has not been updated for a few years, and its last version, 1.603, was added better handling of address exceptions for IFOs that are much damaged and excluding VTS 99 from the loop in the Full DVD process mode.

Fix VTS is exactly what you need if your VOB files are damaged.

Updating to latest ATI drivers doesn't seem to have fixed it. System Model: Studio XPS 8100 BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz Memory: 6144MB RAM Available OS Memory: 3032MB RAM Page File: 2253MB used, 3807MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows Direct X Version: Direct X 11 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: Using System DPI System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled Dx Diag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode ------------ Dx Diag Notes ------------ Display Tab 1: No problems found. HW Accel Level: Basic Cap Flags: 0x F1F Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 200000 Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 1, 0 Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 0, 0 HW Memory: 0 Voice Management: No EAX(tm) 2.0 Listen/Src: No, No I3DL2(tm) Listen/Src: No, No Sensaura(tm) Zoom FX(tm): No --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- Description: Microphone (4- Logitech USB Headset) Default Sound Capture: Yes Default Voice Capture: Yes Driver Name: Driver Version: 6.01.7600.16385 (English) Driver Attributes: Final Retail Date and Size: 7/13/2009 , 109568 bytes Cap Flags: 0x1 Format Flags: 0x FFFFF ------------------- Direct Input Devices ------------------- Device Name: Mouse Attached: 1 Controller ID: n/a Vendor/Product ID: n/a FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Keyboard Attached: 1 Controller ID: n/a Vendor/Product ID: n/a FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Micr Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x045E, 0x0745 FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Micr Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x045E, 0x0745 FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Micr Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x045E, 0x0745 FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Micr Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x045E, 0x0745 FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Micr Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x045E, 0x0745 FF Driver: n/a Device Name: Logitech USB Headset Attached: 1 Controller ID: 0x0 Vendor/Product ID: 0x046D, 0x0A0B FF Driver: n/a Poll w/ Interrupt: No ----------- USB Devices ----------- USB Root Hub | Vendor/Product ID: 0x8086, 0x3B34 | Matching Device ID: usb\root_hub20 | Service: usbhub | - Generic USB Hub | | Vendor/Product ID: 0x8087, 0x0020 | | Location: Port_#0001.

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DLL,6.01.7600.16385 WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO,0x00600800,1,1, WMADMOD. DLL,6.01.7600.16385 WMSpeech Decoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1, WMSPDMOD. DLL,6.01.7600.16385 Canon G.726 DMO Decoder,0x00000000,1,1, Canon G726DMODecoder.dll,1.00.0000.0003 MP3 Decoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,mp3dmod.dll,6.01.7600.16385 Mpeg4s Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,mp4sdecd.dll,6.01.7600.16385 WMV Screen decoder DMO,0x00600800,1,1,wmvsdecd.dll,6.01.7600.16385 WMVideo Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,wmvdecod.dll,6.01.7600.16385 Mpeg43 Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,mp43decd.dll,6.01.7600.16385 Mpeg4 Decoder DMO,0x00800001,1,1,mpg4decd.dll,6.01.7600.16385 Annodex Mux Filter,0x00200000,1,0,dsf Anx Mux.dll,0.79.1936.0000 CMML Decode Filter,0x00800002,1,1,dsf CMMLDecoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 CMML Raw Source Filter,0x00600000,0,0,dsf CMMLRaw Source.dll,0.79.1936.0000 FLAC Decode Filter,0x00600000,1,1,dsf FLACDecoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 FLAC Encode Filter,0x00200000,1,1,dsf FLACEncoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Native FLAC Source Filter,0x00600000,0,0,dsf Native FLACSource.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Ogg Demux Packet Source Filter,0x00600000,0,0,dsf Ogg Demux2.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Ogg Mux Filter,0x00200000,1,0,dsf Ogg Mux.dll,0.79.1936.0000 OGM Decode Filter,0x00600000,1,1,dsf OGMDecoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Speex Decode Filter,0x00600000,1,1,dsf Speex Decoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Speex Encode Filter,0x00200000,1,1,dsf Speex Encoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Subtitle VMR9 Filter,0x00800002,1,1,dsf Subtitle VMR9.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Theora Decode Filter,0x00600000,1,1,dsf Theora Decoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Theora Encode Filter,0x00200000,1,1,dsf Theora Encoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Vorbis Decode Filter,0x00600000,1,1,dsf Vorbis Decoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Vorbis Encode Filter,0x00200000,1,1,dsf Vorbis Encoder.dll,0.79.1936.0000 Cyber Link Audio CD Filter,0x00600000,0,1, CLAudio CD.ax,5.00.0000.4417 Roxio MPEG2 Video Decoder,0x00200000,1,1, MPEG2Vid Codec.dll,.0005 roxio DCFilters Audio Sync Filter 2,0x00000000,0,0,, ROXIO VCFDVScene Detect 1.0,0x00200000,1,2, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 LVMWriter,0x00200000,1,0, LVMWriter.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio Vob Loader,0x00200000,0,1, VOBLoader.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio MPEG2 Muxer,0x00200000,4,0, MPEG2Muxer.dll,.0005 WMT VIH2 Fix,0x00200000,1,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 Record Queue,0x00200000,1,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 WMT Switch Filter,0x00200000,1,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 WMT Virtual Renderer,0x00200000,1,0, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 WMT DV Extract,0x00200000,1,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 WMT Virtual Source,0x00200000,0,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 WMT Sample Information Filter,0x00200000,1,1, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 roxio DCFilters DVD Muxer,0x00000000,0,0,, Roxio MPEG2 Encoder,0x00200000,1,1, MPEG2Vid Codec.dll,.0005 Roxio Repacketizer Filter,0x00200000,1,1, Repack Filter.dll,.0005 Cyber Link Audio Spectrum Analyzer,0x00200000,1,1, CLAud Spa.ax,1.00.0000.0924 ATI Ticker,0x00200000,0,1, Ticker.ax, ROXIO Deinterlace 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 DV Muxer,0x00400000,0,0,qdv.dll,6.06.7600.16385 ROXIO Pan Zoom 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Cyber Link Audio Wizard,0x00600010,1,1, CLAud Wizard.ax,1.00.0000.3616 Color Space Converter,0x00400001,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 WM ASF Reader,0x00400000,0,0,qasf.dll,.16385 ROXIO WAV Dest 3.0,0x00200000,0,0,, Screen Capture filter,0x00200000,0,1,wmpsrcwp.dll,.16385 AVI Splitter,0x00600000,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 ROXIO VCFStation Logo 1.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 VGA 16 Color Ditherer,0x00400000,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 SBE2Media Type Profile,0x00200000,0,0,sbe.dll,6.06.7600.16385 ROXIO Field Combiner 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder,0x005fffff,2,4,msmpeg2vdec.dll,6.01.7140.0000 Roxio MPEG Stream Analyzer,0x00200000,1,2, MPEGStream Analyzer.dll,.0005 ROXIO LVM File Source (Async.),0x00200000,0,1, LVMAsync.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO Spy Pos 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, MGINull IP.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Cyber Link DVD Navigator,0x00200000,0,3, CLNav X.ax,8.00.0000.2808 Sonic HD Demuxer,0x005ffffe,1,2, Sonic HDDemuxer.dll,4.03.0000.0129 ROXIO CPU Regulator,0x00200000,1,1, CPURegulator.ax,.0000 AC3 Parser Filter,0x00600000,1,1,mpg2splt.ax,6.06.7600.16385 ROXIO VCFDvr Support 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Dvr Support Filt.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO VCFVideo Cut List 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio Smart Encoder,0x00200000,2,1, MPEG2Vid Codec.dll,.0005 Stream Buffer Sink,0x00200000,0,0,sbe.dll,6.06.7600.16385 MJPEG Decompressor,0x00600000,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 ROXIO DVDCross Graph Ex Source 3.0,0x00200000,0,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO Scene Recorder 1.0,0x00200000,1,0, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 MPEG-I Stream Splitter,0x00600000,1,2,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 Media Analyser,0x00200000,1,2,mediaanalyser.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO Audio Convert 3.0,0x00200000,1,1,roxaudio.ax,.0000 SAMI (CC) Parser,0x00400000,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 Roxio MPEG1 Encoder,0x00200000,1,1, MPEG1Vid Codec.dll,.0005 VBI Codec,0x00600000,1,4, VBICodec.ax,6.06.7600.16385 MPEG-2 Splitter,0x005fffff,1,0,mpg2splt.ax,6.06.7600.16385 Roxio Transport Stream Source,0x00200000,0,1, TSMPEGSource.dll,.0005 ROXIO Video Info Transcoder 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Closed Captions Analysis Filter,0x00200000,2,5,cca.dll,6.06.7600.16385 SBE2File Scan,0x00200000,0,0,sbe.dll,6.06.7600.16385 VCGImage Source,0x00200000,0,1, Video Compositing.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Encoder,0x00200000,1,1,msmpeg2enc.dll,6.01.7600.16385 Canon MDP Motion-JPEG Decoder,0x00200001,1,1, Canon MDPMJPEGDecoder.ax,2.05.0000.0005 ROXIO Audio Source 3.0,0x00200000,0,1,roxaudio.ax,.0000 Cyber Link Demultiplexer,0x00200000,1,0,cldemuxer.ax,1.00.0000.4528 Roxio MPEG2 Demuxer,0x00600000,1,2, Roxio MPEGDemuxer.dll,.0005 Internal Script Command Renderer,0x00800001,1,0,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 MPEG Audio Decoder,0x03680001,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 MMACE Proc Amp,0x00200000,0,2, MMACEFilters.dll, ROXIO VCFAudio Mixer 3.0,0x00200000,1,1,roxaudio.ax,.0000 DV Splitter,0x00600000,1,2,qdv.dll,6.06.7600.16385 VCG Null Renderer 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, Video Compositing.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Canon Actual Data Length Setter,0x00200000,1,1, Canon Actual Data Length Setter.ax,2.04.0000.0005 Video Mixing Renderer 9,0x00200000,1,0,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 ROXIO Video Effect 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Canon Custom Resizer Save Mode,0x00200000,1,1, Canon DESResizer.ax,2.05.0000.0006 roxio DCFilters Subpicture Mixer,0x00000000,0,0,, ROXIO Video VCFLooper 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO Field Splitter 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Canon Resizer,0x00200000,1,1, Canon Resizer.ax,2.04.0000.0006 ROXIO Video Transition 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO VCFpeakmeter 3.0,0x00200000,1,1,roxaudio.ax,.0000 Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder,0x00200000,2,1,msmpeg2enc.dll,6.01.7600.16385 ROXIO List Image Source 3.0,0x00200000,0,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio Plasma Cross Graph Source,0x00200000,0,1, Plasma CGFilter.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO Pin Tee,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio Audio Stream Reader Filter,0x00000000,0,0,, ACM Wrapper,0x00600000,1,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 ROXIO QT Source,0x00200000,0,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 roxio DCFilters DVD Reader,0x00000000,0,0,, Video Renderer,0x00800001,1,0,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 roxio DCFilters Smart Resizer,0x00000000,0,0,, MPEG-2 Video Stream Analyzer,0x00200000,0,0,sbe.dll,6.06.7600.16385 Line 21 Decoder,0x00600000,1,1,qdvd.dll,6.06.7600.16385 Video Port Manager,0x00600000,2,1,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 ROXIO Sewer 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, MVWc DSutil.dll,8.00.0000.0047 Video Renderer,0x00400000,1,0,quartz.dll,6.06.7600.16490 Roxio MPEG1 Muxer,0x00200000,2,1, MPEG1Muxer.dll,.0005 Roxio Smart Decoder,0x00200000,1,1, MPEG2Vid Codec.dll,.0005 ROXIO DVDCross Graph Ex Renderer 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 File Writer,0x00200000,1,0, WLXVAFilt.dll,.0709 VPS Decoder,0x00200000,0,0, WSTPager.ax,6.06.7600.16385 WM ASF Writer,0x00400000,0,0,qasf.dll,.16385 VBI Surface Allocator,0x00600000,1,1,vbisurf.ax,6.01.7600.16385 ROXIO Video Resampler 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Cyber Link Audio Decoder,0x00600000,1,1, Claud.ax,6.03.0000.1322 MMACE Soft Emu,0x00200000,0,2, MMACEFilters.dll, File writer,0x00200000,1,0,qcap.dll,6.06.7600.16385 Roxio MPEG Analyzer,0x00200000,1,0, Roxio MPEGProp.dll,.0005 Canon Image Rotation Filter 1.1,0x00200000,1,1, Canon Rotate Filter.dll,1.01.0001.0005 i TV Data Sink,0x00600000,1,0,itvdata.dll,6.06.7600.16385 i TV Data Capture filter,0x00600000,1,1,itvdata.dll,6.06.7600.16385 ROXIO Color Space Converter 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Roxio MPEG1 Audio Encoder,0x00200000,1,1, Roxio Audio Enc.dll,.0005 Canon G.726 Decoder,0x00800000,1,1, Canon G726Decoder.ax,1.00.0000.0003 ROXIO Video Combine 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 ROXIO VCFAlpha Splitter 3.0,0x00200000,1,1, Rox Video.ax,8.00.0000.0047 VMR9 Wrapper 3.0,0x00200000,1,0, Video Compositing.ax,8.00.0000.0047 Sonic MPEG-2 Video Decoder,0x00000000,0,0,, VCG Video Mixer 3.0,0x00200000,0,1, Video Compositing.ax,8.00.0000.0047 DVD Navigator,0x00200000,0,3,qdvd.dll,6.06.7600.16385 ROXIO Input Selector New 3.0,0x00200000,1,0,, ROXIO VCFLatency 3.0,0x00200000,1,1,roxaudio.ax,.0000 Roxio VOB Formatter,0x00200000,1,1, VOBFormatter.ax,8.00.0000.0047 MMACE De Interlace,0x00200000,0,2, MMACEFilters.dll, Sonic Cinemaster® Audio Decoder 4.3,0x005ffffe,1,1, Cinemaster Audio.In the end, your media player won’t get stuck trying to render damaged files and you will be able to process these DVD movies in any dedicated piece of software.