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12-Mar-2020 09:52

The list is populated based on the contents of another entry field on the form.

() Mark R - easiest way to discard *requests by bad people - do we put it in the Web Server at the cost of other threads, or the Handler, where we already filter out etc.

But when user clicks on delete I want to delete an entry in a different table (the actual SQL table not the View).

() John re abbreviate, NTWS uses approx 50 chrs , before chopping off the txt and displaying - more. not logging in , suggest make sure delete session on logout is not turned on.[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Darin - Struggling with basic flow? And saving an image to disk when the form is saved. Why cant I see my image when I upload it (refresh) (save to disk) etc. () Kevin - re J Files, can I change a json type from an array to a group, ie I build a collection of json objects based on views, even though there is only one record.