Vanessa marano and blair redford dating

13-May-2020 18:49

Bay (Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc), switched at birth when they were much younger, get new jobs and move in with their biological families.

"Bay starts working at an amusement park where there are leis and flowers in the hair," Marano says.

He’s filled with all this excitement about trying to find his other daughter. But it can’t really be a fresh start when so much has happened already, you know?

Like, as much as you want it to be a clean beginning, so much has happened." data-reactid="27" What drives her to go live with Regina and Angelo?

The relationship between Regina and Daphne is very damaged at this point, and that’s a very new thing because that was the strongest bond in our show.

So Daphne’s been leaning a little bit more on the Kennishes, which is a little bit weird because they’re real mom want to get to know me?

He’s not really pursuing her as strongly as he was before?

Another difference when the second half of the sophomore run kicks up again Monday?

Regina’s returned from rehab, so a lot of things have changed.TVLINE I find it really interesting that the girls are kind of switching places, because there’s a “What If? There’s only one person that Bay can really lean on to help her out in that situation when it comes to a boy." data-reactid="30" Most of last season, Bay and Daphne were in a really good place. Is their relationship now in a worse place than ever?

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