Vpn clients not updating dns dating brass dial clock

22-Oct-2019 23:26

The DNS resolver software on the VPN client must be able to append a DNS suffix to the computer name before sending the name for resolution.If the resolver is unable to append a domain name, it will forward the unqualified request to the DNS server for resolution.While any discussion of DNS has the potential to become overly complex, there are some common DNS issues related to ISA Server firewall/VPN server clients that can be solved relatively easily.Internal network names are computer and other device names on your internal network.tunneling is enabled when the VPN client is not required to use the VPN virtual PPP interface at its default gateway.

VPN clients will not be able to access these resources using a DNS host name if the client cannot properly resolve that name to an IP address.

The problem is that the VPN client is trying to resolve internal network names using a public DNS server.