West sound speed dating

02-Aug-2020 12:27

And single people, under heavy social pressure to marry, have little time to waste before settling down.Matchmaking sites and apps – many of which are accessible through We Chat, China’s most popular social media website – recruit users by promising to seal the deal, and quickly, showcasing examples of success stories.

On Baihe, another top matchmaking site, a set of 18 audio clips on “How to land the girl of your dreams in seven days” is available for 298 yuan.

Marry U, for one, asks registered users to choose when they expect to tie the knot – within six months, a year, or two at most.

Most apps earn revenue by charging a monthly rate or an application fee.

Li Jian, a 29-year-old bank manager, was among the 32 single men and women gathered at a nondescript cafe in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen for a recent speed-dating event hosted by a local company called Little Dates.

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From flirting to dating

Li has precisely eight minutes to check out each potential mate, and is optimistic that, by the end of the four-hour exercise, he will walk away with one.

Since the quality of candidates affects the reputation of the companies behind such apps, some are designed to rigorously filter out scammers.