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14-Jun-2020 19:18

Otherwise, he could be so overwhelmed by sorrow that he might never recover from it and so be lost to Christianity forever.

That would give Satan an advantage over the church.

This is a revelation on the integrity of God's word (CP Nu ; Josh ; ; 1 Ki ; Isa -11; Ro ).

There is not one promise of God that is no to a believer, and providing one meets the conditions, there are no limitations on what one may ask for (CP Psa with Mt , -22; Mk -26; Lu 17:6; Jn -14; 15:7-8; 1Jn -15).

The fruit we bear that always glorifies God in Jn 15:7-8 are His promises being fulfilled in our lives.

(See also comments on Mt -22, Mk -18, Jn -14, Jn 15:7 and 1Jn -15 and author's studies Confessing God's Word in his book Foundational Truths of the Christian Faith, Signs and Wonders in God's Redemptive Plan in his book Advanced Studies in the Christian Faith (Volume 1), The Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church and Making the Impossible Possible in his book Advanced Studies in the Christian Faith (Volume 2). Through their union with Jesus believers are anointed with the Holy Spirit.

'CP' denotes 'compare passage' What "gift" does Paul refer to here?

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Paul urged them to do so immediately and reaffirm their love for him.

Another is that God displays Christians to the world as a triumph of the redeeming grace of Christ.