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24-Nov-2019 11:27

In a long-term relationship, you’ve spent more time with someone and you have a bigger context into which to put their behaviors and quirks."The Fix: When you're seeing someone new, allow yourself to be vulnerable if the mood is right, but don't force deeper, more revealing conversations to happen prematurely.If you do let something slip that you realize (too late) might be a little intense, all you have to do is own up and admit that you're feeling insecure about how much you shared.I'm definitely a repeat offender when it comes to oversharing.It's important to be open and honest in a new relationship, but that doesn't mean you need to lay your deepest darkest secrets onto your new partner from date one.Whether that's once a week or every other day, the only thing that matters is that you're both clear about your expectations — that way, no one is overwhelmed or disappointed.As Lorde once beautifully crooned, "It's a new art form showing people how little we care." Those lyrics are probably all too real for anyone who's taken a dip in the murky waters of online dating.Although there's a balance between being too available early on in a relationship, as mentioned above, it's also important to not be too quick to cut someone off."I commonly see people who expect to 'just know' right away whether there’s a connection with someone," Chlipala says. You need to invest time in dates, sometimes for weeks, to see if you can make a relationship work.

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One thing that I've recently realized is especially scary?But being defensive isn't productive: it's important that you're both open to the other's perspective, and can talk about it calmly.

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