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Olympia, but of course Iris is my main competition.You have to remember David it did happen a couple times, where I should have beat Iris; everybody knows and saw that! Now for the first time you can get the whole truth as Dayana discusses her relationship with Kai. rofessional bodybuilding officially has a new couple for the 21st century: top tier champions Dayana Cadeau and Kai Greene.I sought some real answers on this most interesting alliance from one half of the bodybuilding super couple: the former Ms. Over recent decades, professional bodybuilding and fitness has had several high profile couples and most, it appears, were on shaky ground throughout, and ultimately did not last.

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There are always problems in any relationship and relationships are never easy but Kai and I promised each other to communicate and work things out no matter what.

For example, when we are getting ready for shows together, we need to know how to deal with each other.