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A few months later Margarets health failed and she was admitted into the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Welwyn, Hertfordshire.November 1963 and her body cremated at the Golders Green crematorium in Middlesex.If you know about any of these individuals and can help with additional information, please contact me privately at my email address below.Many thanks for reading :-) Dove of Peace Help send a message of peace around the world!The study of Linguistics led her on to the study Egyptian hieroglyphics and Egyptology, during which time she made the acquaintance of Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, the world renowned Egyptologist.Under his guidance she able to specialise in Egyptology and Archaeology, and was made a junior lecturer in 1899, assistant lecturer in 1909, lecturer in 1921, senior lecturer and a Fellow of University College London in 1922.

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In 1953-1955, Margaret was made President of the Folklore Society, another distinguished accolade and an incredible achievement at the age of 90.

It caused a storm of protest from her colleagues who moved to dismiss all her writings on the topic of witchcraft.

Margaret was a prolific writer and author, and published more than a hundred books and articles on Anthropology, Archaeology and Egyptology.

Wiccan Rede / Charge of the Goddess / Charge of the God / The Three-Fold Law (includes The Law of Power and The Four Powers of the Magus) / The Witches Chant / The Witches Creed / Descent of the Goddess / Drawing Down the Moon / The Great Rite Invocation / Invocation of the Horned God / Gods and Goddesses (Greek Mythology) / Esbats & Full Moons / Links to Personal Friends & Resources / Wicca/Witchcraft Resources / What's a spell?

/ Circle Casting and Sacred Space / Pentagram - Pentacle / Marks of a Witch / The Witches Power / The Witches Hat / An esoteric guide to visiting London / Satanism / Pow-wow / / Amber / Amethyst / Aquamarine / Aragonite / Aventurine / Black Tourmaline / Bloodstone / Calcite / Carnelian / Celestite / Citrine / Chrysanthemum Stone / Diamond / Emerald / Fluorite / Garnet / Hematite / Herkimer Diamond / Labradorite / Lapis Lazuli / Malachite / Moonstone / Obsidian / Opal / Pyrite / Quartz (Rock Crystal) / Rose Quartz / Ruby / Selenite / Seraphinite / Silver and Gold / Murdered by Witchcraft / The Fairy Witch of Clonmel / A Battleship, U-boat, and a Witch / The Troll-Tear (A story for Children) / Goody Hawkins - The Wise Goodwife / The Story of Jack-O-Lantern / The Murder of the Hammersmith Ghost / Many of the above biographies are briefs and far from complete.

Gardner and others, when shaping the reformation of the modern day Wicca/Witchcraft movement.

They steadily increase pressure on you to participate, which they record and later threaten to distribute online.… continue reading »

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Jeanine Moss never expected to get into the cannabis industry. As she left the hospital, her doctors handed her a “shopping bag filled with opiates,” she said. So she switched to medical marijuana, which is legal in California and was familiar to her, having grown up in the nearby Venice section of Los Angeles.… continue reading »

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Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms.… continue reading »

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