Who is gale harold dating

29-Nov-2019 19:37

He studied at The Lovett School and completed the graduation from American University in Washington, DC.He studied photography at San Francisco Art Institute.Except I guess his stories made much more of an impact than the fact he was outed as fake, because over the years since, we've had "so were Randy and Gale ever an item?" threads on a regular basis, and inevitably someone would post, "Yes they were, a makeup artist who knew them used to post here."I don't know them and I have no idea whether they ever dated/hooked up but after that I don't believe anything from people claiming to know them or know about them.

Gale was rumored of dating Danielle Sakolfsky from 2013.Considering how endowed most of the cast members of qaf were of pulchritude, would not be surprised if they had fuck parties, and would not be surprised if during one of those flings Gale topped Randy.I guess the overbearing obsessions has short-circuited the minds of many fangirls.However, the couple never revealed about the relationship and stayed silent until 2014.

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The duo broke the silence after Gale was granted a restraining letter against Danielle telling she tried to slam him in the head with a jar full of coins.

Wouldn't be surprised if Gale slipped Randy the cuernos, because really his companero is really hot, even a straight guy has to admit this.