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A year later, in 1971, while at a photo shot for her upcoming first solo album, the photographer turned on the radio. What they had clearly done was take the song Jim and I had written, jettisoned the lyrics, and tacked it to the end of Eric’s song. Coolidge, who eventually married Kris Kristofferson, makes another clarification in her book.It was almost the same as the arrangement,” Coolidge writes in , said she tried to get credit for her part of the songwriting and even approached Clapton’s manager, the late Robert Stigwood — who told her, rudely, to get lost. She didn’t break up Crosby, Stills & Nash when she left Crosby for Nash.“There were tensions in the band long before I arrived,” she writes.Rita Coolidge: There was something about the recordings that Kris and I did together that did seem to end up in everybody's house.MR: What was the atmosphere like in the studio recording with Kris?This being your first album together, there had to be a lot of expectations and a lot of romanticizing of what that album was going to be.[laughs]RC: Kris and I would be in different vocal booths sometimes because he would be playing guitar and I would be singing.We weren't always in the same vocal booth when we recorded.

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He would come home from being away and I would play some chords and play some ideas, and he'd usually come around.

We did three albums together and I think that they're still being played everywhere. RC: Kris was signed to Monument records and I was signed to A&M, so when we began singing together on the road during our concerts, it became evident that we needed to probably do some records together for our audience.