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While honey is good, it doesn’t give you frosting for your cake!When it comes to the colonization of the new world, they had cotton and tobacco.There were at least a thousand students in there and the Christian professor just floundered. I wanted to get out of my seat and say something but, to be honest with you, I didn’t quite know what to say either.As I looked that college audience that night I realized that many of those students probably grew up going to some type of church. Is this why so many young people end up leaving the church?When we think of slavery, we think of Africans being abducted or traded for in Africa and then brought over to work the sugar cane fields in the Caribbean or the cotton fields in America.Our framework of slavery is the mistreatment and oppression of Africans and that is accurate! Throughout history, this type of slavery has been in existence so it’s hard not to think of slavery in anything but this light.We need to bridge the gap between biblical slavery and colonial slavery.

But, you must understand that there are some big differences between Colonial slavery and what the scriptures speak when it speaks of slavery.

So, to have this framework for slavery and then, to see that the bible doesn’t condemn slavery but actually gives permission to the Israelites to own slaves, it can easily shake our faith to the core and make us wonder how we can trust such a book. They have honey and honey is good, but it ain’t sugar!

Our framework for slavery prior to this current sex slave atrocity is colonial slavery. When they take over the Caribbean, they take over the sugar cane fields.

The idea of taking someone from their home and making them your slave was viewed as wicked and God used Israel to punish those countries and, in some cases, destroy them. If you escaped slavery and made it into Israel, you were a free man.

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What you’ll see over and over for God’s people is to serve, feed, love, and embrace the alien, the stranger, and the sojourner.

In our day, human trafficking and the sex slave industry is more prevalent than many of us would like to admit.