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On Sulawesi, the fossil fauna is already impoverished; there's no evidence of rhinos or deer ever entering there.Then on Flores, you only had stegodons, Komodo dragons, humans and giant rats, that's all.| Boyfriend | First Time | Casual Encounter | Outdoor | Phone Sex | Arrange to Hook Up | Domination Submission | Humiliation | Jocks | Footy Shorts | Hot Guy!The my Foot Dr Queensland Bulls are Queensland's premier male high performance team, competing in the Sheffield Shield and Australian Domestic One-Day Cup."They may have been caught in a tsunami and carried out to sea—those kinds of freak, random events are probably responsible for these movements of humans and animals.This region is tectonically active so tsunamis are common and there are big ones every hundred years or so," he said."After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami people were picked out of the sea 60 kilometres from the coast a week or so later, including a pregnant woman.They survived for eight days just by drinking rainwater.

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Several of the rhino bones had cut marks and the left and right humerus bones showed signs of being hit with hammer stones, possibly to gain access to the marrow.

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