Wu zun ella dating

11-Sep-2020 23:11

They are always encouraging us, becoming my most powerful backing. However, a third person came into the picture and she broke it off with him.After he exploded in popularity, Li Ying requested to stay in the shadows, away from media gossips.Wu Chun said, ” I understand and I respect this decision.“She has been by my side since I was 16, it has been more than 18 years. Throughout the years, she helped me pull through all the ups and downs of life.From the time I studied abroad in Australia, to the time my mother passed away, through my best friend’s death, and managing my business in Brunei. She has always been there to give support and encouragement.” Marriage Was an Open Secret Wu Chun shared that he had introduced Li Ying to others when he first entered the entertainment industry. But as the release of the drama Romantic princess and less time of seeing each other, it seems like the "relationship" is really getting back to friendship.When Wu Zun is filming a video game commercial in Taipei he was asked about Angela Chang, he said "I really don't have time, and I don't go on MSN." Wu Zun and Angela Chang didn't see each other recently because of promotion.

“No matter how others try to interfere, or how life differs, my persistence towards that love never changes.Spending the past two years back home in Brunei, Wu Chun spent his free time writing a book, Ignite Courage , about his life and business ventures.

But, those who really want to find them will definitely succeed.… continue reading »

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