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16-Oct-2020 04:18

You can buy a really good bare-bones TV box like a MINIX, Zidoo or Pro Box2 and add whatever Kodi add-ons or apps you want. Good sellers have good support, fair prices and quality products.

Anyone I put my seal of approval on has to have a good support network.

This makes it difficult for anyone to figure out which box to buy, especially someone new to Kodi devices and streaming boxes. My main reason for starting this site was to help make sure that no one reading this site ever gets ripped off because you don’t have enough information. Until now, my advice has always been to avoid anyone selling fully loaded Kodi boxes or paid Kodi addons after the fact.. It’s my responsibility to try to steer you in the right direction, just the same as if you were buying a bare-bones TV box.

The add-ons are free, so you can install what you want just by following a couple of Android box You Tube channels. What makes a good seller doesn’t change because their product does.

So one big criteria for me is that the device has to be within a “fair price range” which is comparable to other devices with similar specs.

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You may see some references to this box as the Element Ti8 or the EZ Stream Ti8. EZ-Stream has put together one of the best fully-loaded TV boxes I’ve seen in a long time.If something is more expensive than it’s competition, there better be a really good reason. So trust me when I say that I’m confident in the quality of their products. If a device costs 0, does it look, feel and act like a 0 product?