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The table below collects the links to these headers.Notice how even deep time can fly in proper perspective: The Precambrian was admittedly a slow start, taking until mid-evening to unfold on our day of creation, but then life as we know it appeared only in the last 3 hours.With the formation of the earth pegged at h (midnight), our work day finishes at h, just as we pull up to the present. Each hour corresponds to 0.875 billion years (Ga), each minute to 3.125 million years (Ma) and each second to 52.1 thousand years (Ka).Conversely, 1 Ga takes 4 hours, 20 minutes out of the day; 1 Ma, 19.2 seconds; and 1 Ka, 19.2 millisecondsliterally the blink of an eye.Most of them cluster around the intersection of these two profound lineaments, both which almost certainly cut the full thickness of the lithosphere.

Over a few Ma, fingernail speed is plenty fast enough to fold great thicknesses of sedimentary rock over the east edge of the relatively brittle Front Range basement block, as in the photo at right.

Colorado's also part of an immense, heterogeneous and longstanding tectonic upland covering the entire western third of the United States and ultimately can only be understood in that context.

From the Middle Proterozoic on, much of Colorado's story also applies, with some notable exceptions, throughout the Southern Rockies* and the Colorado Plateau.

The geology is in turn inextricably entwined with Colorado's human history.

That's true everywhere, of course, but it goes double here.

The wavy fabric indicates solid flow at mid-crustal temperatures of 400-500C.

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It also reflects the boundaries of media studies perspectives – expanding from content analysis to the study of the material political economy of things and devices as well as from software to hardware perspectives again: something that Sean Cubitt (2009) has underlined as a crucial ecological step for media theory.… continue reading »

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The Office of the Bursar regularly sends e-mails and other communications regarding important dates, payment reminders, and helpful payment option information.… continue reading »

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