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05-Oct-2020 07:12

A fun jumping off point could be suggesting watching porn instead of your usual evening TV together.

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There’s this myth that one member has to always be dominant and the other always submissive, but that’s confining and boring and… You and your partner(s) can switch roles, experiment with different power dynamics, roleplay different scenarios, and have fun shopping for accessories together. I’m an adult content creator and the official You Porn Girl. I love hearing from you, so make sure to leave a comment or tweet at me @You Porn Girl.That’s why I’m here today: to tell you that trying out new stuff in the bedroom is not only awesome, but also a new way to bond with your partner(s)!For starters, kinks are a great way to get more comfortable with yourself.Naturally, reviewing all those sexy videos got her juices flowing, so she just couldn’t resist showing off her perfect, perky tits.

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