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We are pleased to offer this 1959 5 Franc from this vast African territory.The 28mm aluminum coin features a palm tree on one side and the Belgian arms on the other.Both coins were struck at the British Royal Mint and are Uncirculated.British West Africa was a currency union for Britain’s colonies in western Africa, including Nigeria, Gambia, Gold Coast (now Ghana) and Sierra Leone.One side has the royal crown, name of the monarch in Latin and the denomination spelled out in words in English and Arabic.The other side features a hexagram similar to the Star of David and the name of the territory.

The reverse of the coins picture an elephants head on a map of Africa, along with an inscription honoring the President. This recent 5 coin set from Angola includes the 50 Centimos, 1, 5 and 10 Kwanzas dated 2012 and the 2014 20 Kwanzas. The 20 Kwanzas depicts Queen Njinga Mbande, who led an armed resistance against Portuguese rule in the mid-17th century.

The coins are 27mm nickel-plated steel and are dated 2005.

One side features an Elephant’s head and a map of Africa while the other features a form of traditional money. Three pieces of Spear Money is shown on the coin of the Central African Republic. A Katanga Cross is on the coin from the Congo Republic.

The reverse of the coins all show a map of Africa and an elephant head.

Because these nations use the common currency of the Central African Monetary Union they issue few coins of their own.

The coin is denominated in the local currency: 1500 CFA Francs, a common currency used by a number of African nations that were once French colonies.